Piè Di Mont - Il Metodo Classico di Gorizia

Spumante Metodo Classico with local grape varieties. The cuvée variety proportions are already set in the vineyard: 20% Pinot noir gives the wine its body, 60% Chardonnay gives it strength and elegance, 20% Ribolla provides freshness.

Its production amounts to 10,000 bottles a year. Not exceeding this number guarantees our product the special care it needs and a flawless result. A vintage sparkling wine which is truly thrilling and surprising as you first taste it.

Piè Di Mont - Il Metodo Classico di Gorizia

In the goblet, you will find bubbles in astonishing numbers, thin and quick, creating a continuous and shining sparkle. Its long-lasting perlage introduces fragrant perfumes that soon turn into a smooth and creamy feel. It reminds of lily-of-the-valley and jasmine Spring blossoms, evoking cedar and grapefruit peel, but also burrata fresh cheese and even milk chocolate.

Fresh and sparkling sips then give way to extremely pleasant and persistent flavours.