Piè Di Mont - Il Metodo Classico di Gorizia

Piedimont is a CRU vintage wine made from Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Ribolla gialla grapes grown in the vineyard owned by the farm, lying on a marly soil territory called “Ponca”, at 100 metres above sea level in Piedimonte – Gorizia.

The sun sets quite early on this hill, going down at about 5.30 pm behind Mount Calvario, even on the hot summer days.

So, here the grapes are harvested later in the summer. This early sunset provokes a significant drop in the vineyard temperature, allows the grapes to retain intense perfumes and prevents raw acidity.

Piè Di Mont - Il Metodo Classico di Gorizia

After the harvest, starting in the second half of August, grapes are cooled and subsequently pressed.

The juice obtained this way, after a 12-hour static decantation, proceeds to the next step: alcoholic fermentation, which is started by yeast inoculation and goes on for 10-12 days at 18°C.

While 95% of the three wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks, 5% of the Chardonnay wine is fermented in oak barrels. The wine ages in those containers until January after the harvest.

Then the wines are blended and, after a few days, put in bottles along with liqueur de tirage for the prise de mousse.

The wine is stored in a cellar to mature with yeasts for at least 22 month, before the bottles undergo a process known as riddling (remuage in French), followed by disgorging (dégorgement in French) and the addition of liqueur d’expedition.